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Fun and Easy Christmas Decorations to Make at Home

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Fun and Easy Christmas Decorations to Make at Home



December has arrived, which means the festive season has officially begun and we can start decorating for Christmas without the neighbors raising an eyebrow. 

Get the whole family feeling festive with these fun and simple Christmas crafts, for unique, handmade decorations that kids can make at home.


Fake Snow

Materials: Shaving Cream, Corn Starch, A Large Bowl, A Plasticized Work Surface

1.     Using the ends of your fingers, mix together shaving cream and corn starch in a large bowl until you end up with a substance that has a consistency that is neither too sticky nor too powdery: you now have fake snow.

2.     Knead more firmly and keep adding shaving cream and corn starch until you have a uniform paste: you now have a modeling clay that is very fine and soft to the touch.


Ballerina Snowflakes

Materials: Paper, Scissors

1.     Cut out a circle in the paper. Fold it in half, then in half again for a total of four times. You will end up with a cone shape

2.     Cut shapes out of the thick edge of the side that includes all the layers of paper, like you would to create a paper snowflake.

3.     On another piece of paper, draw and then cut out the shape of the dancer’s body. It’s easier if you fold the paper in half, since the resulting shape will be symmetrical.

4.     Unfold the skirt and cut out a slit that’s as small as possible while still allowing the dancer’s body to fit through it.

5.     Put the body through the slit: the dancer is ready to be suspended.


Snow Globe

Materials: A Jar, A Small Toy, Strong Glue, Water, Glycerin (available at the drug store), Glitter, Decorative Adhesive Tape

1.     Glue the small toy on the inside of the jar lid (ideally with a glue gun: otherwise use strong glue from a tube). If the toy is too short, you can glue it on a pedestal made from a Lego brick or a small cap. Let fully dry.

2.     Pour in some glitter (not too much) and approximately 1 tablespoon (15mL) of glycerin. Fill the jar up to the rim with water.

3.     Smear the screw top of the jar with glue. Screw on the lid; avoid letting too much air get into the jar.

4.     Cover the jar lid and screw top exterior with decorative adhesive tape.


Candle Holder Made of Ice

Materials: Balloons, Water, Tea Lights

1.     Thread the opening of a balloon to a faucet and fill the balloon with water. Tie the balloon shut and knot it.

2.     Leave the balloon in the freezer until the next day.

3.     Take the balloon out of the freezer: after one night, the center of the ball should not have fully frozen and there should still be liquid inside. Rip the balloon and empty the water.

4.     The result is a magnificent translucent sphere. Place one of the tea lights in the center.


Homemade Iceberg

Materials: A Microwave Oven, A Bar of Soap

1.     Place the soap, without the packaging, inside the microwave oven. Heat at maximum power for 30 seconds.

2.     Repeat this step while observing every 30 seconds. The soap will swell at its optimal point at the end of approximately 90 seconds. After this amount of time, you risk browning the soap and having it fall flat.

3.     Let the soap cool down. After a few minutes, the soap will have hardened and the foam will have become solid.


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