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Golf Cures and Fixes: The Instant Improver for Every Single Golf Shot
Golf Cures and Fixes: The Instant Improver for Every Single Golf Shot Golf Cures and Fixes: The Instant Improver for Every Single Golf Shot

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Edition Notes: Second Edition
Author Statement: Steve Newell; Foreword by Ernie Els
Audience: Trade
Specs: 400 color photographs and illustrations
Pages: 176
Trim Size: 7 3/16" X 7 3/4" X 1/2"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20130207
Copyright Year: 2013
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Golf Cures and Fixes: The Instant Improver for Every Single Golf Shot

"Whether you're a novice or club regular, Steve has the answers to all your golf problems."
-- Ernie Els

For the weekend golfer, the game of kings can be an unfortunate succession of shots that are too short, too high or fond of the hazards. Each swing is followed by frustration, anguish and futile attempts to correct the problem, which often only creates more problems. What is needed is a patient golf pro who analyzes each swing and gives constructive advice.

Golf Cures and Fixes is like having professional instruction whenever it is needed most. Straightforward instruction, informative diagrams and do-and-don't photographs zero in on specific problems and provide specific cures.

Steve Newell shows the golfer how to diagnose mistakes by paying close attention to how the ball reacts: short drives, slices, hooks, missed shots and more. He identifies the cause of the errant shot - foot position, grip or posture, for example - and shows how to fix the problem. He also recommends drills that will help cure the problem for good.

Golf Cures and Fixes is organized into chapters according to the type of club used:

  • Drivers
  • Short irons
  • Fairway metals
  • Wedges
  • Long irons
  • Sand irons
  • Mid irons
  • Putters.

A sunny day on the course is easily spoiled by frustration and self-criticism. Whether a golfer needs to overcome one problem area or 18 holes' worth, having Golf Cures and Fixes on hand is a practical and positive strategy that offers a great return on green fees.


Steve Newell, formerly the instruction editor of Golf World magazine, has worked with many leading professionals and coaches, including Ernie Els and David Leadbetter.

Ernie Els (known as the "Big Easy"), a former World No. 1, is one of the world's top professional golfers.


Foreword by Ernie Els



  • the slice
  • push right
  • pull left
  • hooked tee shot
  • topped ball
  • skied drive
  • smart golf

Fairway metals

  • the "sclaff" shot
  • heeled ball
  • lack of power
  • smart golf

Long irons

  • poor carry
  • the push-slice
  • top-edge strikes
  • smart golf


  • the fat shot
  • rough trouble
  • inconsistency
  • smart golf

Short irons

  • the shank
  • the pull shot
  • smart golf


  • the duffed chip
  • poor distance control
  • loss of accuracy
  • lack of "touch"
  • smart golf

Sand wedges

  • no escape
  • thin or clean
  • inconsistency
  • sloping lies
  • smart golf


  • ball misses left
  • ball misses right
  • lip-outs
  • not enough speed
  • too much speed
  • miss on the "low" side
  • smart golf


 .  .