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A Garden of Whales
A Garden of Whales A Garden of Whales

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Edition Notes: Reprint
Author Statement: by Maggie Steincrohn Davis and illustrated by Jennifer Barrett O'Connell
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 3
Age range upper: 8
Specs: full color illustrations throughout
Pages: 32
Trim Size: 11" x 8" x 1/8
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20081212
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A Garden of Whales

Back in print, first published 1993: Full color illustrations throughout, this is a story of a boy's fantasy of saving the whales - a strong conservation theme carried with the empowering message that a child's dream are the roots of action.

Last night in my tub,
in my tub while I scrubbed,
I dreamed that I lived
in the sea with the Whales.
Magnificent Whales. Mysterious Whales.
Mystical, Musical, Mountainous Whales.

The narrator of this tale is a boy who knows that whales are magnificent but endangered creatures. He wants to do anything he can to save them, and as he scrubs in his bathtub, he dreams up a plan to save the whales.

Children from all over the world also get in their bathtubs to save the whales, planting a garden of whales. He knows this is a fantasy, but the dreams of children are the roots of action.


Maggie Steincrohn Davis is the publisher of Heartsong Books and the author of over 10 books for reader of all ages, including Glory! To the Flowers. She lives in East Blue Hill, Maine.

Jennifer Barrett O'Connell is a freelance illustrator whose projects include educational materials and books for children. She is a graduate of Philadelphia College of Art and lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

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